InteliFab began building custom homes in Klamath Falls, Oregon where they supplied customers throughout Oregon and California with factory built components including wall, floor and roof panels.

InteliFab has developed an automated factory to construct prefabricated and modular building components and buildings, to both help address the declining availability of site-built tradespeople with pre-built solutions, and to bring factory level speed, efficiency and quality to the construction industry.

InteliFab utilizes manufacturing techniques and processes to gain efficiency in residential construction. They have developed a reputation for solving construction challenges with a variety of prefab methods, and they have been building homes using both panelization techniques as well as building high end complete modular homes. In 2007, they built the first MK Lotus. The MK Lotus was the show piece of the West Coast Green show at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza. Designed by Michelle Kaufmann the MK Lotus was the most sustainable modular home ever designed or built in the U.S. The team had built other high end custom modular homes on Catalina Island in California, on Whidbey Island in Washington, and in remote locations throughout Oregon.