Factory Built

By building in a factory, we use automation to produce higher quality products with less labor, resulting in more competitive pricing, faster lead time, and consistent deliveries.


Production Software

Utilizing the latest in software technology, we take a customer’s Architectural and Structural drawings and convert them into production drawings, ready for factory fabrication.


Production Management

Using our production management software, we are able to extract very precise material take-off’s from the Production Drawings. This information is then used to provide real time data to our customers to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

  • Panelized Wall Systems
  • Automation Experts
  • Modular Bathrooms
  • Logistics Management

Completed Projects


Reno, NV

Reno, NV, 2 & 3 story apartment buildings with 2 to 20 apartments in each building. All framing and wood products went through InteliFab.


Modular Home, Vida OR

Vida, OR. 3,000 sq ft modular home, built in Klamath Falls and transported to a remote site on the Mackenzie River.

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Modular Bathrooms

Lake of the Woods, OR Factory built bathrooms